About Little Language, LLC

Little Language, LLC is a foreign language program serving the Mobile/Baldwin County Area.  We offer foreign language classes AT NO COST TO YOUR SCHOOL!!!  We are composed of a group of highly qualified, experienced teachers who are able to offer their gift of teaching a foreign language in their native tongue.

Our Vision

To create an interest and desire in young children to learn to speak a foreign language in a fun environment through art, singing, interactive activities, and dance. We offer our students a FUN break from the traditional classroom and allow them to learn the way kids learn best - by having fun!

Our Goal:

To offer the gift of a foreign language to children at an age that allows them to learn it with ease. Studies show that the level of difficulty in learning a foreign language is raised significantly by the time that it is typically offered to an individual - in high school.

 What We Do

  •  We offer foreign language classes for:
  •  --Preschools
  •  --Private schools
  •  --After-school programs
  •  --Municipal programs (bilingual story hour)
  •  --Private group lessons (Forget play-dates at the park - form a group in your neighborhood!!!)
  •  --Summer camps
  •  --Tutoring
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