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It gives our kids' brains a boost - A recent article written by Erica Westly in the the Scientific Mind Magazine suggests that learning a second language can give kids' brains a boost. The article discusses findings that bilingual kids top monolinguals on several cognitive measures; they show greater mental flexibility, a superior grasp of abstract concepts and better working memory which is associated with better reading and math skills. Westly tells us that, with the help of a noninvasive neuroimaging technique called functional near-infrared spectroscopy, scientists have been able to compare the brains of bilingual children with their monolingual peers. The scientists found that the language areas of the monolingual and bilingual brains develop similarly, but certain regions, such as the inferior frontal cortex, which is involved with both language and thinking skills, appear to be more active in bilingual children, particularly when they are reading.  Read the entire article here:  Learning Foreign Languages Gives Your Brain a Boost    


The Earlier the Better

Researchers say that the best way to become proficient in a second language is to start young and practice often. 

Culture Appreciation

It expands their understanding and appeciation of different cultures around the world.

Learn With Ease

If you learn one language, you can learn the others: Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese are essentially dialects of the same language.  Chinese origin words account for 60% of Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese vocabulary.  Knowing Chinese can help you learn these languages also. 

Career Opportunities

Learning a second language can lead to better career opportunities as globalization in the work place increases.

It's Just Logical

According to the International School of Boston, research shows that students who learn a second language score higher on mathematics and logic tests and are better with problem-solving activities. Second language learners show stronger first language skills than monolingual learners.

It's Fun!!!

Our classes, enriched with song, interactive games, and art are designed for children to allow them to do what children do best ~ have fun!

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