Our French Teachers

Maria Mateias

Teaches: French

Hello, My name is Maria Mateias, I have a BA in French and English and I love to teach foreign languages. I graduated in 2000 , at a state university in Europe. French is my passion although I taught English as a second language , too. I started tutoring both languages since I was in college. One of my best students who was at that time in second grade is studying now with a scholarship in England. I would love to teach you, too, the beauty of French language and culture. I would also like to mention that I teach French in a private school in Daphne, school that I am proud of, and I love a lot. I am looking forward to working with you.
-Maria Mateias

Monique Roberts

Teaches: French

My name is Monique Roberts and I was born to American parents in Paris, France, growing up completely bilingual. I did all of my schooling through high school in a French school, and then came to the United States where I attended a Leadership Training Academy. I have now lived in the United States for over ten years. I enjoy traveling and experiencing new cultures and languages and am currently raising a toddler in a dual language home (french with me and english with my husband). It is amazing to see how receptive a child's brain is to language!

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