Little Language is unique in that we contract with the parents of the school directly so that there is no cost to your school.  The parents are invoiced directly by us as an extra-curricular activity and all learning materials are supplied by us. 

The rates are determined for each year's session and are guaranteed to remain same through the end of the academic school year (September  - May).  The rates vary from school to school depending on: 

  • The frequency of the class being offered - Our classes are typically taught once weekly in 45 minute sessions.  Of course, we can modify time classes to fit into your preschool's schedule so that the day runs just as smoothly as it did before the addition of our exciting program.
  • Number of languages being taught - Some of our participating schools offer more than one language. Chances are that your preschool is already offering Spanish. I hope so but why stop there? Give them the opportunity to show you that they can learn more. Children these days are showing us that they have the ability to learn several languages at once.  Read this article: More Children Lear More Than One Language - USA Today
  • Referral program - Want your child to learn a foreign language for free? Talk to your director about offering Little Language in your child's school. If you are successful in introducing our program, your child can receive free tuition for up to (12) months.


Do you wish that all of your students could learn a second language?  Let us design a lower cost program that can be offered to your entire organization. 

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